Adding headroom

Starting in September 2009, car manufacturers started complying with a new federal law that required head restraints to be no more than 2.2″  from the back of a passenger’s head.  Unfortunately, it seems that the passengers they used to determine this correct distance have horrible posture, and tend to slouch forward in their seats.

A few years ago, I strained my back while playing basketball.   Really bad.  I was diagnosed with a couple of herniated disks.  I couldn’t sit at a desk at work for almost a month – I switched to a standing desk.  It was painful driving to and from work – I tried to straighten out my back as much as possible.  Ever since this incident, I’ve paid a lot more attention to my posture.  Now I sit up nice and straight in my car.  Unfortunately, this mean that the head restraints of modern vehicles pushes my head forward.  Very uncomfortable.


24″ Black Iron Pipe

So I set out to fix this.  You can too!  This modification is applicable to any 2009 or newer vehicle that has removable head restraints.  In fact, I also performed this mod on my minivan.

I went to Lowes and bought a 24″ piece of iron pipe.  I took out one of the head restraints, wrapped it in an old piece of carpet (to protect it from getting dirty or ripped), and placed it into a vice.  I then took my piece of pipe, and slid it over one of the head restraint posts all the way to the head restraint.  Then I torqued the pipe to bend the post.  There’s some “spring-back” when you let go, so you need to go a little further than want you want.  Repeat with the other post.  Make sure the two posts are parallel when you are done.

That’s all there is to it.  More headroom.  Plus you get a nice self-defense weapon when you’re finished.

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