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One of the things that I missed about my old car when I switched to the Leaf was the adjustability of the seat.  I had a power driver’s seat in my last vehicle.  But the Leaf didn’t have that as an option.  You’re stuck with a manual seat.  That in itself isn’t too bad.  I’m usually the only one who drives it, so once the seat is adjusted I’m done.  But my old car allowed you to raise & lower just the front of the bottom seat cushion.  The Leaf doesn’t offer this adjustment.  And when I positioned the seat to where my feet could comfortably reach the pedals, then the steering wheel was too far away.  A telescoping steering wheel adjustment, or pedal adjustments, could have also solved this issue, but those aren’t available either.  What I wanted was to raise the front of the bottom seat cushion.  That way my legs could be bent a little, my thighs would still be supported, and I could reach both the steering wheel and pedals comfortably.

Hillman Nylon Spacers, 1

Hillman Nylon Spacers

If you look under the front of your seat in the leaf, you’ll see that there are two bolts that hold the front of the seat cushion to the seat frame.  I removed these bolts and replaced them with longer bolts that allowed me to add a spacer between the frame and the bottom seat cushion.

Once again I was off to Lowes.  I picked up several nylon spacers, and two longer bolts.  It’s a little tricky to get everything back together, because the part of the frame that the bolt goes through is on a hinge, and it will swing a bit while you’re trying to get everything lined up correctly.  Be careful not to force the bolt in – you don’t want to strip the threads.  But once it’s done, it makes a noticeable improvement in the angle of the bottom seat cushion.

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