Let’s keep the noise down

My Nissan Leaf is a 2012 model.  The 2011 models have a switch that allows you to turn off the VSP.  This is the device that creates extra noise at low speeds to people know that your EV is trying to sneak up on them.  I think this is a silly thing – we don’t require bicycles to have VSPs installed to warn pedestrians that a bike is coming.  But I do like the “reverse beeping” sound that the car makes.  It’s similar to a truck’s sound, but not as loud and abrasive.  So, I wanted to be able to turn off the noise when I wanted, without permanently disabling it.

It turns out that the 2012 retains the same wiring harness and electronics that the 2011 had, but they simply didn’t connect a VSP off switch.  So I added a switch of my own.  I ended spending about $2 at the local Radio Shack for a momentary SPST pushbutton switch, and an afternoon in my garage, and came up with a rather elegant-looking solution to the problem.

Picture of the VSP off switch

VSP off switch, on right

I’m quite happy with how this turned out.  I was able to remove one of the blank switch inserts and fit the new switch into it.  It almost has an OEM look.

When the vehicle is first started, the VSP will be on.  If I want to turn it off, I just have to press this switch.  If I want to turn it back on, I just need to press the switch again.  It’s elegant, and it works.

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